That Happy Morning Feeling

This was very delicious this morning- I'm about to make a second round. Really, I was craving mexican food and in tandem, feeling utterly lazy. Not an ideal combo. I grabbed some 100% whole wheat baguette from Trader Joe's, sliced it, and chucked it in the toaster. I warmed some olive oil and a nut of butter in a pan and fried an egg. But merely laying the buttery bouncy egg on the toasted baguette was a sad attempt to satisfy my craving, so I sprinkled on some micro-shredded cheddar. Not there yet. I then barely chopped a leftover half of tomato and the end off one scallion. I tossed that into the still hot pan which was glistening with the eggy-buttery residue. I added salt and pepper and after 1 minute of turning it with a spoon, that went on top of the eggs. Now a spoonful of hot salsa. 
This breakfast has made the best list, in my book. Low-effort, happiness inducing, equals GOOD.
Mexi-breakfast Bruschetta
a few slices of toasted baguette
1 fried egg (fry it how you like it)
shredded cheddar
chopped tomato and scallion

Layer it up as above and eat it slowly, if you can.


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